Discontinued  Dishes:

Oriental Chicken

Delight Lamb

Pla Ginger

Pla Rad Prik

Pla Som Rod

Basil Fish Filet

Baby Corn

Bamboo Shoots

Snow Peas

String Beans


Lover's Scampi


Beginning Aug 11, 2017  We will be discontinuing some of our dishes we have on the menu. There will be a list of dishes that are going to be discounted by Aug 11, 2017. Our specials have changed so please be sure to check out the specials before placing orders. 

Hot Basil Calamari
Siracha seafood
Seafood Festival

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  • Gang Ma Sa Mun
  • Pad Prik Khing
  • Pra Ram Long Song
  • Kauy Theo Nam
  • Pad Seeiew or Pad Thai
  • Pung Ka Ree Fried Rice

  • Larb, Nam Sod, & Yum Tale

  • Koong Haum Pa

  • Satay & Spring Rolls